I am very prod to announce that Tag Genie is now officially live on the Shopify app store.

With Tag Genie you can take control of the product tags in your store. You can easily add, remove, and rename tags based on various filters.

Using Tag Genie, you can perform tag operations to remove, add, or rename tags in your store based on various conditions. Here are some common scenarios:

  • Remove a specific tag from all products from a specific vendor
  • Add a new tag to all products with a chosen variant
  • Rename existing tag
  • And many more…

But one of the main differentiators is our amazing tag operation preview. The preview allows users to preview the effect of a certain operation before it has been executed. This is quite useful in scenarios where you need to rename, add, or remove tags but you have made a typo or made another mistake. Similar product will directly execute the operations which can be devastating if you are dealing with thousands of items.

Here is how the preview looks like:

The red tags are ones that will be removed while the green ones are tag that will be added.

Tag Genie is Now Live on Shopify

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