Welcome to the first installment of our series called Recipes.
In this series we are going to show how tag genie can help with common tag related tasks which frequently come up when tending to your store.

In this first episode we show how you can rename tags of products in your Shopify store.
We have prepared a video version of this content so feel free to watch it on YouTube.

The steps

Once you navigate to the Tag Genie app, click Create Tag Operation at the top right location.
The first thing to do is specify what operation will be executed – add, rename, or remove. For this particular case let’s choose rename.
The next step is to select the tag that is to be renamed. Luckily, Tag Genie provides a drop down with all tags in your system so that you can easily choose any of your existing tags. In this particular example we are renaming a tag “Helmut Lang” to its proper name “brand_helmut-lang“.
We are not ready to hit Preview and confirm the execution of the operation.

At this stage, the operation screen should look similarly to the following screenshot:

The next and final stage is to check the Preview. The Preview is one of the most powerful Tag Genie features which allows you to validate any tag operation before it has been actually executed. The preview will show which products will be affected by the tag operation and how their tags will change. When a rename tag operation is executed against a Shopify store, the preview will display tag that will be remove in red, while tags that will be added are shown in green. Usually rename operations will result in a tag being removed (the old tag name) and a tag being added (the new tag name).

The preview screen should look like this:

Once you verify that the operation is properly configured, hit submit and the operation will be scheduled for execution. The tags in your Shopify store will be renamed in a couple of minutes depending on the number of products being changed. Once the operation is complete you should see its progress change to complete.

This is how you can use Tag Genie to rename tags in Shopify.

Let us know if such content is valuable and what you would like to see next.
Thank you!

Recipes – Renaming Product Tags on Shopify
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