We are excited to announce the immediate availability of version 2.0 of Tag Genie for Shopify – the best way to manage Shopify product tags in bulk. The latest version It includes multiple features and improvements including tag automations, additional filters, and more. With all new improvements Tag Genie will make it even easier to manage Shopify product tags and perform add, remove, and rename operations.

You can checkout the video showcasing the latest improvements or follow this article to learn more about all new features and improvements.

Tag Operation Overhaul

Tag operations are at the heart of Tag Genie and we are introducing the following improvements:

  • Operations are now clickable and have a details screen that displays additional information for each operation
  • The description can now be customized so that you can more easily identify operations.
  • Operations can be manually executed multiple times – no need to create the same operation multiple times
  • Operations can be automated to run automatically at a specified interval (requires paid plan)
  • Information about the last 10 executions of an operations is now displayed on the detailed screen

Tag Automations

This is one of the most-requested feature and it is finally here! Many of our merchants need a tag operation to run multiple times a day so that tags are properly configured. With tag automations you can schedule tag operations like rename to run at specified intervals – say every 30 minutes.
As this features requires a lot more server resources it is only available on a paid plan.

Tag Validations

Managing tags for stores with thousands of items can be a dauting task. Mistakes like misspelling a tag, failing to add a required tag is common. That’s why we are introducing a solution to this problem. Tag Validations allow you to specify rules that dictate what tags should be available on specific items. If a product fails to meet the requirements of a validation, it wil be added to a list that you can inspect. Here is a quick example:

One of our merchants has products that are in four major categories – accessories, clothing, shoes, and jewelry. So every product should have one of those tags. If it is a missing one of those tag it will not appear in all store pages which is not ideal. With Tag Validations you can define a rule that checks if all product have one of those tags – if that is not the case, the respective products are reported so that they can be fixed.

Other improvements:

  • Tag filter conditions can now use Starts With, DoesNotStartWith, EndsWith, DoesNotEndWith, Contains, DoesNotContain operators
  • Reduced the time it takes to initially connect to a store by a factor of 10
  • Tag operation can now be created even if no tags will be affected. It can be run at a later stage.
Tag Genie v2.0 Is Live

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