How To Auto-Tag Shopify Products By Vendor

Hello and welcome to the tagging revolution for Shopify!

In this tutorial we are going to demonstrate how you can utilize Tag Rules to automatically add tags to Shopify products based on the vendor value using Tag Genie.

With Tag Rules we enable Shopify merchants to easily define the rules around their tagging requirements and then rely on Tag Genie to do the heavy lifting and make sure that tags are handled appropriately.

In this article we are going to take a look at the Auto-Tag Product By Vendor rule and show you how can start tagging your products by vendor.

You can find this rule in the Tag Rules section. Simply click on Add Product By Vendor Rule button to use this rule.

Step 1 Image On the page you will find several setting that control how this rule will function:

  • Prefix - Optionally add a text at the beginning of each tag. For example, “brand_” to help you identify all tags that are based on a vendor
  • Transform - Optionally change the vendor value to upper case, lower case, or other
  • Trigger - Specify when the rule will be executed - manually, on create, on update, etc.

Tag Genie will allow you to select several products and preview how this rule will affect your products when it is enabled.

Once you are satisfied with the results, click “Create” to create this rule. It will be activated automatically so you can sit back and enjoy.

Let us know how you feel about our new feature - Tag Rules.

Thank you!