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Product Tour

Take a closer look at the best tag-management application for Shopify

Tag Explorer

Tag Explorer is the regular Shopify Admin on steroids where you can bulk edit product tags in full screen mode with highly configurable UI.

Common scenarios for tag management - bulk remove, bulk merge, bulk rename, change prefix

Custom Bulk Operations

Advanced operations with filter conditions and tag actions not available in Shopify Admin.

Custom bulk operations allow advanced filter conditions and tag actions


The tag dashboard allows quickly view all tags across you Shopify store. Quickly search tags, view tagged products, or identify tag-related problems.

Dashboard with tag statistics
Tag validations

Tag Validations

Define rules to get notified about missing and incorrect product tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of tags are supported?

    • Tag Genie support product, order, and customer Shopify tags.

  • Can I preview how tags will be affected before executing tag operations?

    • Yes, bulk operations provide full details on which resources will be affected and any tags that will be updated.

  • Do you support metafields?

    • Yes, metafields are supported at part of our Tag Rules which allow you to automatically update/set metafields based on various conditions.

  • Do you offer a free plan?

    • Free plan is not available. You can test the app with our 14-day free trial.

  • Is there any limitation on the number of operations or product count?

    • No, all plans have unlimited operations and are independent on the number or resources.

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