How To Prefix Product Tags on Shopify

How To Prefix Product Tags on Shopify Cover Image

This time cover more advanced functionality of Tag Genie using our most powerful tool - Custom Tag Operation. How can you prefix product tags on Shopify? While that might sound like a trivial task it gets more complicated if you try to prefix different tags using the same prefix.

Imagine that you have 20 discount tags like ‘10% Off’, ‘20% Off’, etc and your goal is to add the prefix “Sale” to all of them. You can certainly create 20 operations to rename each individual tag but is there a more efficient way? There certainly is with Tag Genie and what we call Tag Templates.

Using Tag Templates you can add prefix to tags in bulk by using the special token {{tag_name}} which will basically match the name of the tag being processed.

So in order to add the prefix “Sale”, click the “Create Tag Operations” button in Tag Genie and then select Custom Tag Operation. On the next screen, add Rename tag operation and choose the condition that will match the tags you would like to add a prefix to. Having our example in mind, we can use the contains condition to match all tags that contain "%" which will match all tags like ‘10% Off’, ‘20% Off’.

The last step is to choose the new tag name. This is where we can use Tag Templates - simply type in “Sale {{tag_name}}” and Tag Genie will prefix all matching tags with “Sale” giving you “Sale 10% Off”, “Sale 20% Off, etc.

As always, we have prepared a short video tutorial to guide you through the process.