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Shopify Tag Strategy Consultation

Get an actionable tag strategy plan from our team.

Not sure how to reduce the overhead of managing tags or automating tags?

  • Are you losing precious time manually setting tags for your Shopify store?
  • Are you losing revenue due to misspelled or missing tags?
  • Are you losing time & revenue managing tags for your Shopify store?
  • Do your tags follow a random structure that is difficult to maintain?
  • Is maintaining tags getting increasingly difficult?

If setting and maintaining product, customer, or order tags has been dragging your business down, we got your back.

Imagine having an actionable plan to eliminate the overhead of setting and maintaining tags once and for all.

What if you knew what tools to use and how to setup your store so that tags get automatically added and updated based on already existing information? What if your tags had proper structure so that they were easy to maintain? What if products tags were always up to date and correct? What if you learned how to automate every aspect of tagging so you had more time for more important tasks?

Get An Actionable Tag Strategy Plan From Our Team

Our Shopify Tag Strategy Consultation will provide you with all the answers regarding reducing overhead managing tags and making sure that tags are properly set all the time.

If you are determined to get your tags in order and leave more time for more important work, you might as well do it with the people that have helped more than 300 stores better manage their tags and have built one of the best tag-management apps for Shopify.

Here’s How It Works:
Once you book a consultation, we will set up a call with your team to learn more about how you are currently working with tags. We will conduct our own analysis and combe it with the input from your team to produce a report that will tick all of the important boxes for you including:

  • Analysis of current tagging process and how it can be improved
  • Provide detailed steps on how to automate tags
  • Advise on how to improve tag structure to make tags easier to manage
  • Recommendations for apps and tools to improve tagging process
  • Concrete steps that will lead to reducing overhead and reducing lost revenue due to incorrect tags

At the end of the engagement you will receive an actionable tag strategy plan to reduce the overhead of managing tags.

Book Consultation for $999


We are so sure that we can provide actionable advice that will improve your tagging process that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If at the end of the consultation you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, just let us know and I’ll refund your payment in full.

Here is what our customers are saying:

This app & company are absolutely fantastic! Milan is the best, he has helped us a lot and added new features into Tag Genie for us very quickly. Tag Genie is essential for us to manage our products in our Shopify store and I don’t know what we would do without it! If you have hundreds or thousands of products to organize in Shopify then you need this app!
– TipTop Deals UK

Book Consultation for $999